Praise is Rising

Last night at our rehearsal we learnt Hosanna (Praise is rising – off the CD Everlasting God, written by Brenton Brown and Paul Baloche). We sang it at our national conference in March and other worship leaders have told me it was hitting a chord in their churches. We really found that for us last night and I look forward to see how it goes on Sunday.

There are plenty of reviews but here’s one to start you off.

The lyrics of the song begin with:

“Praise is rising, eyes are turning to You
We turn to You
Hope is stirring, hearts are yearning for You
We long for You

When we see You
We find strength to face the day
In Your presence
All our fears are washed away, washed away…”


Some caving pics

caving-06-010.jpg caving-06-011.jpg caving-06-014.jpg

Here’s some of the adventurers…



I've had a few thoughtful people tell me that the 'comments section' on my blog is really really small and they can't read it. So I'm giving this new theme a go, which has larger font when you post a comment, so let me know if you think it's any better. It's not as pretty and not so much my style, but hey, if it helps people post stuff on, then please allow me to step aside to invite you into the comments section. Otherwise, email me and I'll post it on for you…with your permission of course!

Caving part 2

So, some brave YVV worship crew went caving….and, yes we survived! No cavemen! No bats! No injuries, but some of us have some very big bruises. It was a real adventure. I'll pop some photos up when we get them. Watch this space!

Overseas Missions

There’s obviously been a few missions trips on this month. Mark Barrett (worship leader@Penninsula Vineyard) is currently with a group in the Phillippines. Peter Sabljak (worship leader@Beachside Vineyard) has also been sharing great stories of the Lord’s provision as a group prepares to go to Thailand to visit a new orphanage. I hope we hear how those trips went.

I know that Paul Marshall (Foothills Vineyard) has a trip planned to the Solomons from September 30 to October 13, 2006. (Contact Leone at the Foothills office for more info).

Any others happening?

The Institute Of Contemporary & Emerging Worship Studies

I met Dan Wilt in our first year at YVV when he generously came and did some teaching on worship. He was on holidays in Melbourne, visiting friends. Then he came back with his friend Bruce Ellis and put aside time for us. They led an outdoor worship event for us, and it was one of those historic moments for us as a church. The outdoor event was amazing. The worship team was perched on the back of a truck on a football oval, on a 40 degree summer day, with a huge storm threatening. At one point, they sang a song with the words "His love endures forever" and a full rainbow appeared as the most astounding backdrop to the whole event. It was very moving. The Lord keeps reminding me of that event, on many levels it is symbolic.

Back to Dan…he came back the following year with Bruce Ellis to do a combined church worship event in Melbourne (with the Salvos and an Anglican church). We had things stamped upon us as a people, as the Lord 'taught' us about the heart of worship in our early days.

Since then, Dan's generosity of heart and passion for the church has continued to grow, and he has been involved on so many levels investing in the Body of Christ. (check out his bio here!) You've probably seen his face on the recent EQUIP series of resources and DVD's.

Why do I say all that? Well, it has come as no surprise to me that he, and a team, would pioneer a thing such as The Institute of Contemporary and Emerging Worship Studies.

I know it's in Canada, and I know that it's possibly out of reach for most of us at this point. But I simply want to keep things like this before us. Let me know if you want more info as I have things that have been sent to me (application forms, letters to Pastors, etc)


The YVV worship teams and sound crew are going caving this Saturday.

Yep, can you believe it?

I'll let you know how it goes, and whether I am as equally brave and adventurous as the rest of them!

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