Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)

Remember the post on that new Brenton Brown/Paul Baloche song? Well, it’s the free song from Worshiptogether.com this week.

 You can download it for free here.


Alternative Worship Blogs

One of the joys of blogging world is that you stumble across a link which invites you into another room, which opens the door to another room and on it goes. There’s great discussion to get involved in. More

Suburban Community Vineyard Church

Yarra Valley Vineyard released a new church called Suburban Community Vineyard Church. They are based in the Nunawading/Mitcham area in Melbourne. Check out their website and keep watching the developments of this new plant. More

Neal’s tip

 Neal McArthur (Pine Rivers VCF) has sent the following through. Thanks heaps Neal!

He says, “Also love the links/resources. Very Very Handy. A handy website I’ve found is www.briandoerksen.com  It has a lot of the Chord charts to most of his songs and is just generally a good site to visit. “

Retro Cafe hosts Baxter

I heard Baxter Kruegar speak this week. It was really interesting. I had read his book The Great Dance and enjoyed hearing many of those stories from him in person. He challenged my thinking and I’m still processing much of it. Here’s a paragraph about this divine dance. Such an embracing picture of God.

He says, “God exists in a triune relationship, Father, Son and Spirit. And it is not a dead or empty relationship. Far from being frozen in some lifeless pose, the Father, Son and Spirit live in a circle of eager and lavish hospitality. More


I have been reading from the Worship Series by Matt Redman  called Inside Out Worship. One of the chapters is on the Irreplaceable Quality of Humility. It seems that it’s a word we don’t hear much in our vocabularly these days. I think we have an incomplete picture in our minds of what a humble person is. More

A request

Matt Trent from Bay Vineyard in Victoria wrote asking the following recently…

I’m actually wondering if you can help me a little.  I’m on Dave Kane’s monthly CD list, and am finding it a bit tough to keep up with new songs (being able to listen to them even!).  I feel a bit out of touch with other vineyards as well in terms of what’s catching on in Australia.  I wonder if you could give me some insight on what songs seem to have caught on recently, either at YVV or wider?? 

The albums I’m listening to at the moment are: All From You, Sweetly Broken, Bless His Name, Dwell (bit behind on this one!)”

I would love it if others could help answer this as well. I haven’t even got to listening to Bless His Name yet. I ordered some from Dave in NZ but sold them all before I got one myself.

From Dwell, we use Dwell, More than Ever, and God of All Splendour at YVV. (you can listen to samples here)

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