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If you are interested in a fuller explanation about ION, there’s a post today on Dan Wilt’s blog which gives more detail.


ION Worship

This morning I got an email about some new Andy Park music. It came from a site I hadn’t heard about before… IONWorship (Inside Out Network).

So I did some enquiries. I got a reply from Marc Pusch who has been very much involved in the worship community with the Vineyard in Canada. He explained that Vineyard Music Canada closed in August this year. He wonderfully explained some of the origins of IONWORSHIP (some of which you can see on their webpage, explaining about the community and network focus).

Over time, there will be more added to the site to encourage/help local worship leaders as well in the way of online resources, events, etc etc. They describe it as shining a spotlight on what’s happening in the community

It’s worth keeping in touch with this one, as I’m hearing such a kingdom perspective at the foundation.

Music: See The Morning

The new Chris Tomlin music is everywhere at the moment. If you want free download music, offers How Can I Keep From Singing (Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Ed Cash) and Made to Worship (Chris Tomlin, Stephan Sharp and Ed Cash) available in their freesong section. New Song Cafe is interesting to hear about where the songs came from and how to play them etc.

It’s also on on their WorshipMusicRadio.

Chris Tomlin (Audio Stream)

A friend sent this link through. (thanks Terri!)

It’s Chris Tomlin’s newest album being streamed on msn at the moment. It’s called See The Morning. If you’re interested, have a listen.

Songwriting Together

Neal from Pine Rivers Vineyard has recently written the following email to me…I have a bit of stuff to send to him, but would love to hear of any other links/helps/experience which may help this process. Got any suggestions? He writes… “I am looking at a way to help our songwriters in the church grow in writing songs as a collective. I was wondering if you have access to any previous models or people (Vineyard or other) that have attempted this.  I have some idea on what I need to do and potential problems I see but if there is any previous models that I could learn from that would be helpful.  Are you able to assist or maybe there is someone you know or a web link that might assist me?”

Tim Hughes & Band Dynamics

Most of you are probably up to date with Tim Hughes blog, but recently he’s attached a seminar he did on Band Dynamics if you want to take a look.

I’m Back!

I’ve arrived back home after a wonderful time away.

I had a great time with the Rockhampton crew. It was great to meet them and have time with them over the few days we spent together. What a treat to see and hear what God’s doing with them. There was lots of excitement, as after weeks of waiting their new PA arrived, so they were having a blast with that. They made me laugh, they were so keen to learn and try new things. They fired questions. It was a lovely time. Thanks for your warm welcome.

They also have a bunch of people working in Rocky who have come from Brazil, and so what a treat to sing some Vineyard songs in both English and in Portuguese. Beautiful and unexpected in rural Queensland! (I wasn’t very good at speaking slowly for the translator…sorry about that guys!!!)

I have finished my holidays now and so have snuck back into the office. Got a heap of boxes of resources to sort thru as we prepare for the Conferences next week in Victoria, then in Queensland the week after. (See AVCA website for more info)

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