We’re ready to roll!

I’m excited to let your know about the Aussie vineyard worship site. The site is now “live” and ready for you to explore.

The address is www.vineyardworship.org.au
As a member, you can log into the site, update your bio and upload new songs all by yourself. When you sign-up as a member, we’ll email you a User Guide which should help explain how the new site works.

If you can find your name in the contributors search, that means you have already been signed up – your login details and User Guide will be emailed out to you shortly.
Have a look around and let us know what you think – or post a suggestion on the forum.
A big thanks to Mark Barrett and his team for the many hours creating this funky site – now it’s up to us to make it work by adding our fingerprints.

We are especially waiting for those new songs we know are out there.

It’s really easy, go on…


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