Are you radical?

I listened to an interview with Jonny Baker at

They covered issues including:

  • worship as related to the local culture/context,
  • the role of creativity and the imagination,
  • the concept that worship is the work of the people,
  • and the need for leaders to take risks in the area of worship.


He briefly concluded with his experience in the UK Anglican church.

He says that renewal has come both from the centre and the edge.


Jonny says much of what his commumity, Grace, have been involved in is renewing on the margins of the church, where they have been given space to take risks, to do something new and create an authenticity in seeking renewal.


At the same time, there are people who are at the centre, who have seen what has happened on the edge and have, at the centre, created permissions and conversations about change. He borrows a phrase to call those at the centre, ‘loyal radicals’.


He says we need the radicals who are out on the edge, pushing into new arenas and challenging what we know in our experience, and extending the edges of the margins. He says that his community have benefitted alot from that faithfulness at the centre as well as practitioners at the edge so that renewal flows both ways.


We need both.


His reflections draw on much of what I sense is a healthy, sustainable expression in seeking renewal.

So often we validate, give priority or ‘rightness’ to either the edge or the centre. Could they both be radical places to bring renewal?


I love both! I want to see the edge and centre strong, robust and thriving, as we seek renewal in our day.