Experience Uganda


Last night, I was at Experience Uganda. It was a full night of live music and videos, including hearing from YVV‘ers who had recently returned from Uganda. Emily Comans – an Aussie living at Care4Kids also spoke.


It was great to see pathways of hope that are being built through different groups there.

 Andrew, a young guy from Uganda spoke. He is over here doing some computer training to take back to his village. He pointed out his amazement towards some things he had seen in Australia so far, including funny stories like trying three times to get on a moving escalator.
He commented on how strange it was that our church services were so short, that we had ‘tea’ in the middle and also he couldn’t understand that when we sang praises to God we stood still! 


So while we wre hearing reflections from Aussies on the things they had learnt from his culture, Andrew was also offering his observations about ours. The passion and compassion in that room was tangible. For me, it was a night of celebration and of huge contrasts.


As I sat with the crowd of about 170 people, I had a very tall man sitting in front of me. Everything that was presented came to me as I peeked over his head, or bent to see around him. This man and his family had recently moved from Sudan. We welcome his family, (and some of their friends from Sudan) at YVV every Sunday. They have built a strong connection with some kind people in our church.  At one point, as we were viewing a video of the orphans in Uganda, he hunched over and began telling a story to his Australian friend. She listened intently, compassionately shaking her head with great empathy in her eyes towards him.


It was his story. I could tell it was a sad story. I can’t imagine what the night was like through his eyes.


Where I was sitting last night, compelled me to view the Uganda Experience in a way that caught me by surprise. Hearing the huge needs and opportunities presented from the returning teams, yet obviously in front of me were the needs that are on my very own doorstep.


I am glad that I am in a community that pushes me to respond to both the ‘close’ and the ‘far’ mission of extending God’s love to those around us.


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