Out of respect

Marysville- before

Marysville- before

Marysville - after

Marysville - after










I’ve been grateful to many of my friends from around the globe asking how things are following the fires that hit Victoria in February.

Out of respect for those who are continuing to walk through the process of Fire recovery, I have not been able to write much about Fire Relief in recent weeks. The process people are moving through is so fragile and ever-changing.

For example, we heard on the news that Marysville was re-open to residents to return to view their properties last Saturday. For good reasons, there were many layers to the process to enter the town. But imagine how many things are unfamiliar and foreign in having to be prepared for that moment.

Imagine having to show proof of identity to get back into the town where you live.

Imagine then being given masks and protective clothing, before you can enter.

Imagine then moving quietly through a town that literally looks like a bomb has gone off.

Imagine your street, the mystery of seeing where one shop you used to frequently visit is totally demolished and yet then another right next to it is completely untouched.

Imagine driving past all the homes you are so familiar with, where you have visited your friends, where you know each resident in the close-knit community, only to see homes are flattened piles of rubble.

Imagine not even knowing if those people survived or not, because there’s still no access to an official list of survivors.

Imagine the relief when you catch sight of someone who you had not yet seen, and you realise they have survived.

Imagine facing the weekly choice of which memorial services you attend.

I can’t even imagine, and I’m glad that so many layers of this tragedy are not in the public domain, out of respect.


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