Dreamin’ Big




It’s so inspiring hanging out with people who are following God and are discovering new opportunities opening before them in ways they could never have anticipated. They have walked into their dreams. Yet they would never boast. They would never talk arrogantly. They simply know that God has opened doors they could never have imagined.

Over the last two days, I have found myself in numerous conversations (‘aha’ moments!) as people share their discoveries and new adventures.  They have been ‘on the road’  over the years, and all of sudden each one of these people find themselves in the middle of a big adventure. There’s a common thread of humility and a joy in these conversations. These people are in amazing places of influencing many, many people.

They all used the phrase “can you believe it?’ And I say yes, I believe it.

They are local people who I know, and who I have had the privilege of watching over the years as they faithfully love God, love their family and beyond.

I could spell out the details, but you’ll have to ask me next time you see me! It’s very cool…people moving into whole new spheres of opportunity and they are humbly taking God’s redeeming love with them.


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