Activity online

I know…three blogs so far in a week! Unheard of for me!

I am about to jump in on some more online worship studies, so you’ll probably see a bit more activity here. This time there’s a bunch of us from Aussie Vineyard churches being involved so I’m looking forward to the growing, wider connections and learning together, along with all the creativity that moves in and out of such an environment.

So, what’s it all about?
In 2009, Vineyard worship bands are coming together by the hundreds, from 7 countries (and rising) around the world.
Why? To grow – in friendship, in theology, in values, in history in spiritual formation, in creativity and in community.

You’ve been warned! 🙂 Hope you’ll throw in your comments here, along the way.

If you are interested in the blogs that are part of this, you can find the links here on Dan Wilt’s site.


Westgate Vineyard Church Begins

Peter and Kathy Downes, along with their team, are having their first public gathering this Sunday to launch Westgate Vineyard Church. More details and updates are on their website.