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There’s interesting conversation going on at The Forgotten Ways (Alan Hirsch’s blog) at the moment.

Go on over and have a read.



In the Melbourne Age newspaper today there’s an article by Barney Zwartz (the religion editor) called The Strength in Weakness.

He says “weakness is at the heart of the Christian message, a paradoxical and liberating truth that Christmas should highlight.” He then goes briefly through the historical stages of the Western Church, finally turning to “part of the paradox is that weakness adds strength to ministry” and that “the authority of the church must be compassion”.

I must say, this gives me hope. I was glad to have read something like this as we head towards celebrating the presence of Christ in our world. I’m spending my Christmas day with our church providing lunch to those in our community (where we serve around 200 people with a beautiful three course meal). It always brings together an interesting mix of people…and I like that.


How much do we love Dan Wilt?

Each year he adds even more layers of encouraging us towards fresh worship expression during the Christmas season…this year he has put up video training files to go alongside the simple chords for carols. As he says, “these carols chord charts actually work for guitarists, worship leaders, and bands. They are in tempos and keys which will work for you and your community’. 

And ah, here’s the link (oops!) Thanks Peter…I’m a bit brain dead!

Soul Survivor 2006 CD

Soul Survivor Live 2006

 Love Came Down. Play and view the sample now if you want to hear some snippets.

Stop and Think

A church in the States wanted to make a simple presentation of the gospel…and so came this fifteen minute DVD.

They gave it out to every household in their community…and the stories began to flood in.

It’s so simple, it’s so powerful. Just stop and think

AVCA Worship Website

As you may have noticed, the AVCA website has gone through a number of changes this year.

As a result, the music library has not been available over recent months so it is with great joy that I announce that a new, updated version which will be going public in January 2007.

If you are part of the Aussie Vineyard worship community, and if you have songs that you’d like to share, this will be a very easy, accessible way to do it.

Members will be able to add/edit and delete their files to the music library as well as have access to their bio, worship blog, other resources, even a calendar for our events. You’ll be able to link your music to your own Myspace page or your church’s page, or whatever links you’d like to point us to.

A music player will be incorporated into the site which will randomly play songs found in the music library.  Members will be able to skip, pause and play the songs available.


So watch this space, and spread the word to any songwriters, worship leaders, worship team members or people interested in hearing new songs. If you have any suggestions, please send them into me before we lock in the features, layout and design.

And in the meantime, start recording those songs, so that they are ready for January when it is set to launch!

Guitar for Sale


I have received an email about a guitar for sale. Perhaps you know any budding guitarists out there who may be on the market for a good guitar. 
Inga Phillips writes… “Its only a couple of years old. It’s a Maton acoustic electric model EM225C. Satin finish…cedar face. Was bought for $1250 approx and I’m selling it for $900 ono. Still in excellent condition ..with hard case…2 sets of extra puretone medium strings and a feedbackbuster.”

Contact : ingap@lizzy.com.au

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