David Ruis in Melbourne

The Fragrance of Worship with David Ruis
… an exploration of the fusion of community, justice and creativity in the church today.
I know this is a bit of a way off, but don’t want you to miss out so I’m giving you the ‘heads up’ for the Melbourne dates, at YVV.


Tuesday 28th October, 2008   


An evening for Victorian Vineyard worship community.

This is for Vineyard worship leaders and members of worship teams. 


Wednesday 29th October, 2008

7:30pm The Fragrance of Worship Concert

Open for all.

Register online or pay at the door.

You can find out more from the AVCA website. 


We’re ready to roll!

I’m excited to let your know about the Aussie vineyard worship site. The site is now “live” and ready for you to explore.

The address is www.vineyardworship.org.au
As a member, you can log into the site, update your bio and upload new songs all by yourself. When you sign-up as a member, we’ll email you a User Guide which should help explain how the new site works.

If you can find your name in the contributors search, that means you have already been signed up – your login details and User Guide will be emailed out to you shortly.
Have a look around and let us know what you think – or post a suggestion on the forum.
A big thanks to Mark Barrett and his team for the many hours creating this funky site – now it’s up to us to make it work by adding our fingerprints.

We are especially waiting for those new songs we know are out there.

It’s really easy, go on…

AVCA Worship Website

As you may have noticed, the AVCA website has gone through a number of changes this year.

As a result, the music library has not been available over recent months so it is with great joy that I announce that a new, updated version which will be going public in January 2007.

If you are part of the Aussie Vineyard worship community, and if you have songs that you’d like to share, this will be a very easy, accessible way to do it.

Members will be able to add/edit and delete their files to the music library as well as have access to their bio, worship blog, other resources, even a calendar for our events. You’ll be able to link your music to your own Myspace page or your church’s page, or whatever links you’d like to point us to.

A music player will be incorporated into the site which will randomly play songs found in the music library.  Members will be able to skip, pause and play the songs available.


So watch this space, and spread the word to any songwriters, worship leaders, worship team members or people interested in hearing new songs. If you have any suggestions, please send them into me before we lock in the features, layout and design.

And in the meantime, start recording those songs, so that they are ready for January when it is set to launch!

Scott Darlow Visits

This morning at YVV we had Scott Darlow visit. He brought his band along and they were fantastic. Sometime this week we’ll have it up on our website if you’re interested in the Audio/sermon section.

Ranges CC have the Darlow Show at the Mt Dandenong Pub tonight and I know that they’re in for a treat.

Chris Tomlin (Audio Stream)

A friend sent this link through. (thanks Terri!)

It’s Chris Tomlin’s newest album being streamed on msn at the moment. It’s called See The Morning. If you’re interested, have a listen.

Jesse Mitchell’s music

Scott at Ranges has posted a link regarding Jesse’s new CD, now available on the net. Check it out!